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About All Good Equestrian

Cheryl Schaefer founder of All Good Equestrian standing in a pasture wearing an equestrian jacket and an English country style wool hat with a pheasant feather.

Welcome to All Good Equestrian!

Hi! I’m Cheryl, horse obsessed designer, and founder of All Good Equestrian. In this little corner of the horse world, it’s my dream to create designs that reflect the connection between horses, humans and wellbeing.

All Good Equestrian aims to capture the essence of joy, mindfulness and playfulness through equestrian style.

Our collections are inspired by experiences with horses and (sometimes) people who have been influential in my journey as a horsewoman and human.

It was actually an unfortunate experience with “barn drama” that inspired me to create some of my first designs. Instead of letting the drama get me down, I decided to have a little fun with the idea of maintaining my sense of inner peace- and the Zen Horse Collection was born!

In the equestrian world, where many of us will happily pay for the experience of being judged on our appearance as well as our performance in the show ring, we can all use an invitation to just BE sometimes.

Consider this your invitation to a judgement free zone. If the barn is your happy place too, All Good Equestrian is made for YOU!

Here’s to enjoying the journey, and enjoying the ride!

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